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Granny NanniesGranny Nannies – Basic Care or Total Care: 80% of the elderly have at least one chronic health condition or illness that requires some form of long-term care. As loved ones age, most prefer independent living in their own home. Granny NANNIES’ Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) and Home Health Aides (HHA) have the training, expertise, compassion and patience to aid in the assisted living of aging seniors – we bring the nursing home care toyou. Our private duty caregivers are just a phone call away. 1-800-316-7358.

i-senior-solutionsFounded in 2012, iSeniorSolutions provides seniors and their families with the best experience possible when searching for Senior Living, Health Care or Funeral needs throughout the United States and Canada. With over a decade’s experience in the senior living and health care industries the founders and operators of iSeniorSolutions understand the ever growing demand for senior housing and health care services.

iSeniorSolutions provides you with FREE, easy access to thousands of leaders in the industry, as well as, provides you with the information, tools and resources most beneficial to today’s senior. Begin your search now at or call toll-free at 1-866-838-8312 and allow a Trusted Advisor guide you through the process.

*Are you or your loved one a Veteran? If so, ask an iSeniorSolutions Advisor how you may qualify for additional funding to assist with your care cost. Or you can visit and “click” Veterans Benefits for additional information.

Senior Living GuideSenior Living Guide – Senior Living Guide was founded to assist the senior population, family members and friends in the selection of a senior living community or service that meets their specific needs. We created the publication and website to provide a resource to familiarize readers with continuously increasing choices in senior living options such as senior housing, senior living, retirement, assisted living, nursing home information and support services.

Senios CompuCare KidsSenior CompuCare Kids – “Senior CompuCare Kids” was born with a mission to help kids with their day-to-day computing and to have fun while they learn. Today Senior CompuCare Kids provides a unique “Kids Camp” learning environment focusing on critical thinking, problem solving, reasoning and much, much more. Including fun! To learn more about our Senior CompuCare Kids Camp contact us now! . 1-888-625-1855.

Senior CompuCare VetsSenior CompuCare Vets – Proud to Serve Again! We are a veteran owned and operated company providing on-site computer training for veterans ,technology skills training and affordable repair services for veterans and their spouses to assist in their shift from the military to civilian workforce. Our company specializes in outcome based training on assistive technology and related devices for veterans of all ages, with various types of cognitive, physical, and sensory disabilities. The training provided, whether low- or high-tech, is generally designed to enhance communication, mobility, and access to computers, internet and educational materials. This specialized training allows disabled veterans to acquire skills to access and manage information consistent with their individual goals. Our trainers all have special knowledge and/or experience with veterans with disabilities such as PTSD, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s or a vision disability and provide instruction to these veterans at their pace, in the comfort of their home or environment. Our training programs specific to these needs include, but are not limited to, Dolphin Software and Dragon Naturally Speaking. In addition, we can assist homeless veterans with acquiring the necessary computer skills to get back into the work force. To learn more about our Senior CompuCare Vets contact us now! . 1-888-625-1855.

Innes Law FirmInnes Law Firm – Innes Law Firm is a full-service law firm committed to meeting the needs of businesses and individuals. We seek to be part of your core group of advisors — a member of your team designed to help you start, develop and succeed. Though we cannot guarantee the success of any endeavor, we can assure you that we take whatever legal steps necessary to properly form business entities, protect your intellectual property and protect your business assets. We even assist with estate planning, asset protection, and business succession planning to help you plan for the next steps and beyond.

Ask The SealAsk The – or call 800.410.7325. We are the only service of our kind we know that performs criminal and sex offender checks on not just the owner but also the employees who interact with your family. Ask the actually performs the background checks rather than just taking someones word for it.

Design ContestDesign Contest – We make it easy, fast, and very affordable to get the unique design you’re looking for. Simply start a contest, pick your prize amount, and relax while dozens of design options are created by talented designers, especially for you, in just hours, instead of weeks.”


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