Services We Offer…


One-On-One Computer Training

This type of training highlights one of our qualified instructors sitting down with you in comfort, at your own computer, tablet, laptop or smartphone and guiding you through what you want to know. As an example, when you want to learn to attach items to e-mails; remove your photos from your camera; getting the best buy on purchasing a new computer, learn Facebook, smartphones, tablets and the Internet and how to “surf” for medical, travel, stock websites, etc. – this “freeform” type of learning allows you to explain to us what you want the lesson to be about. These class training sessions are 2 hours in length for your convenience, but can be adjusted up to 4 hours per session, whether for one session or scheduled for more as you like!

Qualified Trainers sit down with seniors and veterans in the comfort of their own home

Seniors trained on their own computer

Guided training of what seniors want to learn

Training sessions 2 hrs., adjustable up to 4 hrs


Small Adult Group Training Classes

This training is designed for small adult groups of three to ten (3-10) individuals and is structured as PLAN A, however it is based on specific “subjects”, such as Basic Computer Understanding, Using the Internet, or Improved Internet Searches. For PLAN B an area like a community clubhouse or local church meeting room works best. Students are encouraged to bring their own laptops, as no computer equipment is furnished in this setting. This type of class is usually 2 to 4 hours in length and depending on the “subject”, computer training manuals/courseware may or may not be used.

Small Group Training (3-10 in each class)

Courseware based on specific “subjects” (ex: Basic Computer Understanding, Using the Internet, Imrpoved Internet Searches, etc.)

Great for Communities, Churches, Clubs

Individuals encouraged to bring their laptops


Structured Microsoft Desktop Courses

This type of training follows the “traditional classroom” training approach. Courses usually span 1 to 2 days and include manuals and courseware, as well as “hands-on” labs/projects. As an example, the subjects covered in these training sessions are often Microsoft Desktop Tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, etc.). To deliver this type of instruction, a full classroom setup including individual computer workstations and overhead projection equipment is required. Class size is usually ten to twelve (10-12) adult students. However, the material, time and equipment can be modified to fit PLAN A and B (call for more information).

Training follows “traditional classroom” approach (Covered subjects includes MS Desktop Tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, etc.))

Courses span 1-2 days (includes manuals, courseware, hands-on labs/projects)

Materials, time and equipment can be modified to fit PLAN A and/or B)



Similar to PLAN A, our instructor is remote! You are comfortably guided through your computer training session remotely on your computer and via your phone – no matter where you are – as long as you have internet service. This training session can also be utilized to ‘clean up’ and/or ‘repair’ most of your online computer problems.


Training and/or Repair online Service is accomplished remotely!

Seniors are guided comfortably online on their own computer no matter where they are located (only requires Internet access)



New Computer Set-Up



RAM Install

Virus Removal

& Much More!

*Services may vary, contact Licensee location for details