See What Our Customers Are Saying About Senior CompuCare

October 24, 2017

Shirley, I can’t thank you enough for solving my computer problem that two other tech savvy persons had not been able to figure out. You are amazing!

Joanne – Orlando, FL

August 16, 2017

“Just wanted to say thank you so much to Senior CompuCare for sharing their knowledge and compassion with our residents during our Adult Senior Technology Classes. We had all levels of students in our classes and we all
appreciated Shirley’s easy going personality and being so patient with us.

Thank you again so much!”

Cindy Williams
Summit Greens Activities Director

Jun 27, 2017 – Maryland

Good Morning, Christina

Thanks very much all of your help yesterday. We will have you back in the Fall to fine tune other things!!! You are a terrific resource and we are so blessed to have found you.

Happy and Safe Fourth of July!!!


June 13, 2017 – Odenton, Maryland

Senior CompuCare

Was referred to Christina Hoffman, by a colleague, after I had a negative experience with another consultant, who was pulling his hair out trying to fix my email issues on line. Christina came to my home office, assessed the situation, and corrected it on the first visit. Since then she has been an invaluable resource to call on when I’ve needed additional services. She’s a pleasure to work with, always upbeat and readily available by phone or by appointment.

Allie B.

Odenton, MD

June 3, 2017 – Maryland

Dear Christina:

Just wanted to thank you so much for all your help over the last months. Without your help and your guidance I’d still be sitting around with a new computer and not much of a clue how to work with it.

This will be my last email for for a little while until I can have you visit me in Delaware to hook me up to Xfinity. I could no doubt contact someone locally but I really appreciate your patience and ease of explaining the hows and whys of computers and look forward to your visit.

Will be calling you soon to set up a date.

Thanks again,

Joyce K.

A June 11, 2017 – Maryland

Christina is so patient. I had no problem understanding her, couldn’t ask for a better teacher. I will truly miss her when our lessons are done. I have learned so much and understand so much more in such little time.

Thanks so much Christina, you are a great educator.

Description of work:

Basic computer and micro soft word.

Overall – A
Price – A
Quality – A
Responsiveness – A
Punctuality – A
Professionalism – A

Category: Computer Repair & Services

Services Performed: Yes

Work Completed Date: 05/11/2017

Hire Again: Yes

April 2, 2017

My Quickbooks wouldn’t install on my desktop

Contacted Senior CompuCare-Central Florida, Shirley Mayor was my trainer. She worked with me Remotely to resolve my problems.

Very professional and easy to talk to and explained everything she was doing.

Susan B.

03/10/2017 – Bryan L. – Citrus County, FL

The service was excellent and was very thorough. Although we were not able to upgrade my system to a newer version it was not without a 100% effort. My computers are working great and are faster than they have ever been before. Mel and his staff did a great job!

Description of work:

I own a small business in Homosassa Florida and was thinking of upgrading my computers to new software and clean out files no longer needed. Mel came in and looked at both of my computers and quickly assessed our situation and gave sound advice back. Mel compiled a list of solutions and actions to be done to fix and upgrade our computers. We set a date and time when the business was going to be closed so we could dive into upgrading and cleaning the computers. Mel showed up early and eager to tackle the job.

Overall: A
Price: A
Quality: A
Punctuality: A
Professionalism: A
Category: Retail Clinic
Services Performed: Yes
Work Completed Date: 01/14/2017
Hire Again: Yes

Bryan L.

January 2017

Very Positive Experience

“I received one on one training from Senior Compucare in my home on power point, excel, and word. It was very customized for my needs and I would highly recommend Senior CompuCare.

Diane G.

January 2017 – West Palm Beach, FL

Cherie A.

Bookkeeping nightmare is now over thanks to James!!!

James created a custom bookkeeping & payroll template for my company. He was professional, courteous, punctual and very affordable. He listened to what I wanted for the template then elaborated with his own skill and expertise. The bookkeeping template is exactly what I needed!! Now I will know exactly where the company stands financially at all times with a few clicks of a button!! I highly recommend that you contact James for any of your excel needs!!

Cherie A.
Royal Appraisers LLC
Royal Palm Beach, FL”

Computer Lessons

Good computer tutor!

“I got excellent help – low key, slow enough for an old lady, clear instruction, and we will be meeting again next week.”

Claire S.

August 20, 2016 – Citrus County, FL

Senior CompuCare has been the answer to my prayers. For the first time since retiring a year ago I feel I can accomplish my goals. Mel is incredibly patient and knowledgeable. I get to choose my priorities such as transferring my pictures to my computer, sending attachments, putting music on my computer and eventually setting up my Facebook page to share with my family. He solved problems I didn’t even know I had such as 39 viruses. I highly recommend Mel to anyone regardless of your starting point..

Linda T

July 13, 2015 – Tampa, FL

We have found Karen Smith to be our computer life saver. She arrives on time by appointment. She goes through our list of concerns, sets priority and begins the process of solutions. She is patient with us and explains in understandable language what we can do or not do to succeed. We are very pleased with the service provided by Karen and will continue to call on her.


May 15, 2015 – Dallas, TX


Thank you so much for rebuilding my computer. It works sooooo much better. It is fast. I have gotten used to the new AOL home page and am enjoying my computer again.


Apr 23, 2015

Dear Shirley, I cannot express how grateful I am for your lessons. You made learning easy. It was a delight meeting you.
Learning to use this tool, the computer, makes communicating so much easier. I have learned so many small elements to make computer life a pleasure. Little things as getting onto my grandson’s computer, doing a group list, knowing how to use my health portal and all the clicking needed to know how to get around from screen to screen..

I will definately use your services via the computer and phone when necessary. Next time, I need to be taught how to write a letter correctly. As you can see, I am all over the screen.

Thank you


Apr 2, 2015

To whom it may concern:

When I stumbled on a squib in the local newspaper describing Senior CompuCare, I went right to the telephone. Here was a service I needed immediately. It was help for seniors with computers.

It was my good fortune to meet Shirley Mayor as my first contact. She has, with her knowledge and patience, helped me over many tough spots, including a total crash of my computer. She is able to begin teaching you wherever you are in your learning process. If something isn’t clear, she will repeat it or find another way to explain it. And she always responds to cries for help.

When it became clear that I needed a new computer, Shirley accompanied me to the computer store. She was able to describe what I needed and ask the questions I didn’t known to ask.

I have no reservations in highly recommending Shirley Mayor and Senior CompuCare.

Casselberry, FL

Karen Smith with Senior CompuCare has taken me into the digital, social networking, computer age. I am able to stay in touch with Family, new Friends & found old Friends.
Senior CompuCare is a great group of genuine caring folks. Everyone I have met are down to earth & are not a hierarchy of corporate untouchables! They are very patient & I am not treated like I am an ignoramus old dingbat!

-Geri – Florida

You perform an important service, I think the older generation may at times feel disconnected due to not understanding current technology. I find computers to be about the most frustrating things in the world, they always seem to break and never work properly.

-VA Rep – Florida

This company and my trainer have been great. I was a new computer owner so Karen had her work cut out for her. She is a great teacher and a lovely person. I know I’ll need her help from time to time .Thank you Senior CompuCare.

-Sheila – Florida

Senior CompuCare

I would like to thank you for your organization. Recently I contacted you on Memorial Day Weekend and I expected to hear from you on Tuesday.
To my surprise I received a call from your representative Shirley Mayor that same day. Shirley is very pleasant, patient and very helpful. Remotely she logged onto to my computer with my permission and she did some tests and explained to me what she was doing. She is very knowledgeable and explained to me in terms that I understood and not talk to me with technical talk that I would not understand.

Shirley, thank you for giving up part of your holiday to solve my computer problem that hours before I thought I would have to purchase a new computer.
Senior CompuCare keep up the good work and I will recommend you to others.

-Linda -Orlando,FL

Windows 8 training, assistance completing an online Makeup International Artist QC Beauty Academy course; Facebook, Twitter, and Skype training.
Member Comments: I would recommend this company to everyone. I was afraid to touch a computer and thought that I would never be able to have one and know how use it. Now I am so excited and happy and I am not afraid anymore. I control my computer and my family is very proud of me. If you are in the same boat, don’t wait, call them now. The services are top of the line. My trainer, Karen always smiles, is very happy and patient with me. She goes at my pace and reassures me when I need it. I can contact her with Skype, phone or email and she gets back promptly to me. I know that I am not just a number and that she really cares. She has helped make my dreams come true. I can now communicate with my family in Cartagena, Colombia, England, Spain, and across the globe now with the use of Facebook, and Skype, skills I thought I would never have at my age.

At the age of 53, I had never touched a computer. Now 3 months later, I can navigate and function like the youngsters who grew up in the technology age. I feel so liberated and independent now! I now be apart of the world around me.

-Yaneth – Riverview,FL


Excellent relations, services and communication.
So far so good, all our concerns were addressed and completed.

-T. Weiss – Orlando,FL

The first lesson was very worthwhile. Karen was very patient and helpful. Went over them several times for practice. I look forward to more sessions.

-Sheila – Tampa,FL

Hi Karen,

Reviews are glowing. Thanks a lot.

-Dave – Tampa,FL


Thanks again soooo much… Mom really enjoyed the training and she said “you seemed right nice.” If you are able to come back again that will great. I know there is not much to train on but a refresher training would be greatly appreciated.

-Yolanda – Tampa,FL

Dear Senior CompuCare,

My wife and I are in our late 60’s and have had problems with our computer for some time. The problems were partly our computer and partly our knowledge. We tried several training programs, which confused us more than helped due to not knowing what the trainers were talking about. Upon hearing about Senior Compucare, we decided to try them. A trainer was sent to our home and first checked the computer. The problems with it were explained not only in day to day language, but how to correct them was provided in written form. We then addressed the issues of our lack of knowledge. All our questions were answered and when the session was over we were more than pleased. So pleased that we are referring them to our friends and neighbors.


Dear Gary,

Loved the service! Thanks for all the instructions. I’ll call you for all my computer mistakes.


Dear Senior CompuCare,

Thank you for helping me with the basic functions of my email attachments, copying and pasting, and photos. Jim taught me how to make my emails more attractive by changing the fonts, colors and adding emotions. I will definitely hire your company again for future training and will recommend Senior CompuCare to my friends and family.


Senior CompuCare,

We wanted to know more about the computer and found a advertisement in the Taste of Oviedo brochure about Computer Training aimed for Seniors. We called and talked to Jim, he had Chal call us back and made an appointment for lessons.

Our first hour lesson was VERY ENLIGHTING. Didn’t realize how much you can learn in one session.

-Clarence & Shirley


“Great! I will be calling again. Some of my friends may be calling too.”


Dear Senior CompuCare,

“I have been extremely satisfied with Senior Trainer Jean. She has been very accommodating on scheduling and is not only highly professional but very pleasant and enthusiastic about her trade. She attempts to teach the functions of the computer with as little technical explanation as possible which is exactly what I want.  She has far exceeded my expectations.”


Dear Jim,

I’m very impressed about you and your teachings which have really helped me in getting good computer knowledge. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family. Once again thank you very much for helping me in my computer training.


Dear Senior CompuCare

Finding Senior CompuCare was an answer to my prayers. My Trainer Terry was very good, patient and thorough in teaching me.


Dear Terry,

“Learning more each time, gets more interesting all the time


Dear Senior CompuCare,

Just spent a couple of hours with Jean.  I found her most helpful.  I’m new to a computer, late in life. Never to old to learn. I love being able to keep up with family news, whats up in my home town along with games to keep my mind busy.  I will adjust my life a little more up to date, as the world is always learning new things.  Its great, Adults can learn from experienced trainers.  Life is fast & I’m a slow learner and the young people are way ahead of seniors. Life is good.

This is great to know someone else is smarter than me. The world goes on & on & on…..with knowledge.

Thanks again to Jean & her advertisement to find the help I so needed.


 Dear Senior CompuCare,

Jean was at our house today and answered all of our questions.  She was very helpful explaining a lot of functions the computer can do. We will need additional help as we digest what we have learned today and will certainly call on her again. We are both 81 years young.

She has done an EXCELLENT JOB!!!

-Fran & Bill

Dear Senior CompuCare,

Jean was very helpful and seems to know a lot of the questions I wanted answered. 


Dear Senior CompuCare,

Terry is very good. I am learning a lot. She is patient and at my age that is very important. I think it will take me a little longer to learn so I will have Terry to come a few more times. 


Dear Senior CompuCare,

Shirley was great!


Dear Senior CompuCare,

Shirley did a wonderful job of helping me and I would recommend her to anyone.  She was very helpful to my little knowledge of computers.


Dear Jean,

Very informative and looking forward to next lesson.


Dear Shirley,

Good experience. We will be calling. Very polite. Thank you.

-Sylvia & Pete

Dear Shirley,

I just got off the computer after talking and seeing our grandkids in Japan. We were on for 2 hours, with the kids having to go to school and my son talking “shop” with me about the computer. We (you & I) will get together again at printer time, plus a couple Skype questions we could not negotiate with his Mac. All in All, a big moment for us to actually use the laptop for one of our goals achieved. Thanks so much! I am EXTREMELY happy with the way things worked out.  Again, see you when I get the printer!


Dear Senior CompuCare,

I was extremely happy with the results of my laptop training I received from Shirley. She was very patient with me which allowed me to better understand a complex program. In fact, after a short time I was able to video conference with my son and Grandkids in Japan for over two hours.  Also, Shirley suggested I go with a cable modem to facilitate my video reception. GREAT SUGGESTION!  BOY, HAVE THE GRANDKIDS GROWN!  Again, a BIG THANK YOU!


Dear Senior CompuCare,

Its a pleasure to work with Ms. Terry. She’s very patient and nice to work with. I enjoyed my first day.


Dear Senior CompuCare,

Before I met Shirley, I was ready to throw my computer down the street!  I had a brand new HP computer and when I asked my  friends for help they showed me their way and that I would learn by trying it out myself. I was so confused and disgusted with that deal I just gave up. Then I saw an ad and hurried to call. Shirley answered and gave me the scoop on Senior CompuCare and I scheduled appt immediately. What an Angel she was and come to My Rescue!!  She started at the beginning and let me do a lot of hands-on-training. She will explain and explain until you completely understand.  Shirley, is a very professional person with tons of energy and so easy to please a student.  I have learned so much in a short period of time.  She has given me back my courage and willingness to learn.  I can never thank her enough.  

I will continue to promote Senior CompuCare and convince my friends and associates that in my book she deserves Teacher of The Year!



Dear Senior CompuCare,

Shirley was very good. She gave us some information we did not know.


Dear Senior CompuCare,

Jim was a great help and enormously patient.  I learned a great deal from him. I would recommend him to anyone new to the computer, or wanting to learn more. He helps you enjoy your computer so much more.


Dear Senior CompuCare,

Shirley has been just great! I will say it again, Shirley is Super!  Went behind her patience with me.  I’m a slow learner. 


-Mary Lou

Dear Senior CompuCare,

Terry was a very patient teacher, with plenty of knowledge.  I enjoyed her very much.  I know she can help me in the future if needed.  So glad I found your company. 


Dear Senior CompuCare,

I have been very happy with the instruction I have received from Shirley. Shirley is working with me at “my pace”, not  overloading me with more info than I can absorb at one time…. she is helping me enjoy the computer!


Dear Senior CompuCare,

We want to thank you Jean for the time you spent with us helping John and also myself.  It was a big help on learning the basics for John.  He really needed your help.  Also, thank you very much for the command list you sent to us.  We appreciate it all.

-Irma & John

Dear Terry,

Thanks for all that you have helped me learn about my computer.  It’s nice to not think of it as “that thing” anymore!  I’m making my list of things for you to teach me at our next meeting in early April.


Dear Terry,

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the help you have given me with my computer.  It is so nice to not be afraid of it anymore!  You are so patient with me and I always look forward to my learning sessions with you.  I have started my list of more things that I’d like to learn when we get together again.  Thanks for opening up a whole new world in technology for me. 


Dear Senior CompuCare,

My training with Shirley was a very positive experience.  She explained things in a way I could understand.  I recently became the editor of the newsletter for our park which included maintaining our website. After becoming so frustrated trying to figure it out, I saw your ad and called for help.  I’m so glad I made the call.


Dear Senior CompuCare,

As a computer illiterate, I am now confident I have enough knowledge to operate my PC.  Thanks to the informative teachings of Shirley Mayor. She is the greatest.


Thank you, Shirley, for helping me through my Facebook event promotion crunch with patience and grace!


Dear Senior CompuCare,

I was very pleased with Senior CompuCare. They were responsive to my phone calls. Terri, who came to my house was very professional and knowledgeable. I would use them again.


(Computer Repair)

Dear Senior CompuCare,

Shirley had a good grasp on technology as well as explaining the actual working on my laptop. She moved right into my problem of new browser and did not encounter any problem.  I would have liked to work with her during my many years of analysis and programming systems.  I will be recommending her for training our senior citizens at Lakeview Terrace Retirement home.  Thank you for sending her to be of help to me.


Dear Senior CompuCare,

My teacher Shirley is an excellent trainer.  She is a very informative and professional trainer.  Now my computer (human brain) has to remember what she taught me.  Yes, when I need more training I will definitely call on her again.


Dear Senior CompuCare,

Shirley has been great!  She has helped set my new laptop and got me started with Facebook.  I had been already trying that alone.  I still have a lot to learn but she gave me the confidence to do it.  I’m sure I’ll call again with a new list of questions. Well worth the investment.



It was a pleasure to meet you today, I learned a lot and you had the patience to deal with my going off subject to another subject.  I know it’s your job, but you are interested and want to help seniors and myself.

Keep up the good work.


Dear Senior CompuCare,

To sum up in two words, VERY EXCELLENT.  Shirley was very patient with me and I have followed her instructions and have had excellent results.

So far, I have had 5 sessions with Shirley and have recommended her to other folks in our retirement community.

Feel free to use me as an advertisement or to recommend Shirley’s services.


Dear Senior CompuCare,

I am so glad there is a service like yours for Seniors.  I had struggled to understand my new I-Phone.  Shirley Mayor explained everything I wanted to know in such a sweet professional way.  I am so glad I called for help and found a real professional, helpful person. 

Thank you so very much,

-Joree (I-Phone Training)